Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wreaking Havoc

So, we returned to the homestead after a very exciting summer of trips and visits, and we all setttled back into the daily routine. After all the smiling faces and beautiful places, I'm afraid that the boys' newly acquired toddler mentality felt a little confined back at home. So Sam and Eli set about finding new and exciting things to get into.

Eli has been looking for little nooks and crannies around the house to tuck himself away in. Sometimes it has resulted in a moment of panic for their mother when I step back into a room and can't find Eli anywhere.

Sam has been a little mischievious as well, but his bent is more towards finding out how things work. Whether it is finding the button that turns on the nightlight on their pack'n'play, or getting into things that I have *ahem* inadvertantly left around, he has definitely been keeping me on my toes.

The boys did get a chance to participate in an old family tradition from my side of the family, the Christmas sausage from Uncle Hank and Aunt Dawn.

The boys really enjoyed the sausage, and didn't even seem to mind it being slightly spicy. Someone who did not get to participate in the tradition, and who could smell what she was missing, was clearly despondent. Well, that was the end of the Christmas sausage, but since it was the end of September when we finished it off, at least we only have to wait a few months for some more! Thanks Uncle Hank (Annie wants me to pass on that she wants her own batch...)!

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