Sunday, April 15, 2007


It would be much remiss of me to neglect to mention the landmark occasion which ocurred on an otherwise normal afternoon on December 4. Eli stood up in the middle of the room and took his first unassisted steps! A mere three days later Sam did likewise. I would like to say that things were off and running from there, but it has hardly been the case. Eli decided that was all the excitement he needed and pretty much didn't do much more walking until about four months later. Sam did continue walking, and progressed in typical safe and staid Sam-fashion. Eli finally started walking in earnest a couple of weeks ago, and has almost accomplished what Sam took four months to do. So my little turtle and little hare are about to cross the finish line, and just in time for their second birthday. Yea!

Christmas Loot

So we were having a wild time in south Florida last time I blogged, and the boys raked in the Christmas presents...

Sam: Hey Eli, check it out--I got a soccer ball!

Eli: That's nothing, look what I got--a cement truck!

Sam: Oh yeah? Well I got this pink thing.

Eli: Hold the phone! What is this? Sliding pocket doors? AWESOME! (Hours of endless entertainment ensue.)

The boys did get a whole bunch of great gifts, some of which (like their Spiderman hideaway) they didn't even open until they got home, so it was like Christmas all over again. (The pocket doors had to stay behind in Florida).

After the Christmas present chaos we got to go to Butterfly World with the cousins, where Caleb used his mad butterfly charming skills. (The boys were all, what are we supposed to be looking at?)

We had a really wonderful time hanging out with all the relatives, but we had to leave and come home, where we languished in a post-vacation funk. (Maybe 'stupor' would be a better word for the parents...Sam and Eli: Man, this place is so BOOORING. Patrick and Julia: zzzzzzzzz...).

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

...and December...

December was one big Christmas whirlwind. Eli decided to kick off the month by discovering how to remove his socks...

We celebrated an early Christmas with Grandmama, Uncle Paul, Aunt Heather and Charlotte coming to visit.

The boys got so many great toys that they love and still play with every day (even if 'playing' generally means throwing them down the hall).

And here is cutie-pie Charlotte loving on her Bufford the Moose that she got from the boys for Christmas...

After fun with family at home, we made a loooong trek down to south Florida for Christmas with the ENTIRE maternal side of the family. That's right, Nana, Mo, Great-Aunt Rebecca, Uncle Dave, Aunt Sarah (and let's not forget little in eutero Ethan, coming in March), Uncle Jon, Aunt Perry, and cousins Abigail, Rachel, Caleb, Joelle and little Jada. It was a full house, and we all had a wild time. The boys were properly schooled by their little cousin Jada, who taught them their first words, 'up' and 'uh-oh.' Here is a picture of Christmas calmness..

...and Christmas chaos!

To be continued...

A Much Belated and Long Awaited Catch-Up

Well, Nana has informed me that it has been almost HALF A YEAR since our last post, and as the public has been screaming for pics of the cutest boys in the world, I guess it's time for an update. Sorry I'm so behind--but you try keeping up with these guys!

November (that would be last year...) started off with a visit from Nana and Mo. I can't remember anything that happened, but I'm sure that we had fun!

We also took a trip to Nashville for cousin Charlotte's baptism, and I'm sure we did some Thanksgiving stuff, but again, I can't remember.

The boys had a wonderful time, playing in Grandmama's red rocker, seeing lots of family, and going to the park with cousin Charlotte.

The boys really loved the swings!

Whew! On to December...