Sunday, April 23, 2006


Here's Big Papi's recap of his zoo adventure with the boys:

Julia and I decided that in order for us to get some projects done around the house, we would need to get the boys away for a while. They're not big fans of hammering, vacuuming, and being ignored so chores can get done! So I took them to the Atlanta Zoo while Julia could get some down time and projects done. Sam and Eli had a great time, even if they probably only really saw 20% of the animals we looked at. They love to walk around, see interesting places, and meet nice, cooing people. The animals I am sure they did see: the flamingos, the elephant, the panda bear, and the kangaroos.

So here are some pics from our outing:

First, this hilariously unimpressed gorilla. The boys couldn't see him, but I cracked up at his pose. He was looking at this crowd of people gawking at him and taking pictures with an expression that seems to say: "You people bore me."

Second, here's the panda bear that Sam and Eli DID see (and here are the boys watching the panda...).

Very cute, rolling around on his belly, munching on bamboo. Kind of like Sam and Eli.

Third, here's Sam and Eli after lunch. We packed our lunch and found some nice shade on a porch. After lunch, I lathered the boys up in sunscreen. Their hats provided additional shade, although Sam kept taking his off, as you can see.

Finally, a nice man took our picture as we left to commemorate our day. What fun! Yeah, that's me in the Outback hat--sure it went out of style in the early 90s, but it keeps the sun out...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Water Babies

I went upstairs a few days ago to get the boys up from their nap and guess what I found...Eli managed to sit up and get ahold of his mobile and yank part of it down. It has been broken for a while, so I guess I really have to fix it now! (Eli: "Heh, heh, heh...look what I got...")

I went out to Toys 'r' Us and bought the boys a pool. They weren't too keen on getting in, because it was a little cold, but then Sam peed and warmed things up a bit (just kidding). They were having so much fun splashing that I could hardly get them to look at the camera.

Eli's having a great time--as usual!

Frantic splashing! We had such a good time--maybe we'll go swimming again today after the boys' nap...

Okay Nana, there's your pool pictures!

Easter Weekend Fun

Grandmama, Aunt Heather and Uncle Paul came down to Atlanta for Easter weekend and everyone had a grand old time. Sam and Eli went with Grandmama and Daddy to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History to see the dinosaurs and learn all about chocolate at the chocolate exhibit.

Sam and Eli had a great time playing with Uncle Paul and Aunt Heather and learning all about Easter eggs from Grandmama (the boys are having an egg dyeing class with Grandmama).

Here are the boys playing with their Easter baskets. This is the first--and probably the last!--time that the boys will find the basket more interesting than the candy inside.


and Eli (mmm...yum!).

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Over the River and Through the Woods...

A couple of weeks ago we went up to Nashville for a visit to Grandmama's and to celebrate Aunt Heather's birthday. The boys recognized Grandmama right away and had a great time. We went to Phillips Toy Mart to play with all the toys and to see the Easter bunnies. Here is Eli squealing at the bunnies (looks like he speaks their language). If only he had known Mr. Buns...

Sam and Eli were a little too young for most of the toys (and the trains were definitely not cool, and elicited some cries of distress--don't worry boys, you'll love them later!) but they enjoyed looking at all the lights and sounds and people.

Here's Eli tottering on a little truck. He already can't wait until he gets his driver's license...

Thanks, Grandmama for a great trip--and Happy Birthday, Aunt Heather! We already can't wait for our next visit!