Sunday, April 15, 2007

Christmas Loot

So we were having a wild time in south Florida last time I blogged, and the boys raked in the Christmas presents...

Sam: Hey Eli, check it out--I got a soccer ball!

Eli: That's nothing, look what I got--a cement truck!

Sam: Oh yeah? Well I got this pink thing.

Eli: Hold the phone! What is this? Sliding pocket doors? AWESOME! (Hours of endless entertainment ensue.)

The boys did get a whole bunch of great gifts, some of which (like their Spiderman hideaway) they didn't even open until they got home, so it was like Christmas all over again. (The pocket doors had to stay behind in Florida).

After the Christmas present chaos we got to go to Butterfly World with the cousins, where Caleb used his mad butterfly charming skills. (The boys were all, what are we supposed to be looking at?)

We had a really wonderful time hanging out with all the relatives, but we had to leave and come home, where we languished in a post-vacation funk. (Maybe 'stupor' would be a better word for the parents...Sam and Eli: Man, this place is so BOOORING. Patrick and Julia: zzzzzzzzz...).

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