Friday, October 03, 2008

Fall in the Mountains

After a crazy summer (and I know that I still have to post beach week pictures) we are finally settling in to the fall routine. Despite the usual upper respiratory infections, we have been having a wonderful time.

Here are the boys in their first fall wear, complements of Grandmama. Eli was pretty unhappy about the transition to long pants, but now that it is getting down to the 30s at night, he has thankfully come around. (I told Sam to put his hands in his lap; he's such a good boy.)

The first weekend in September, we journeyed to Nashville for cousin Charlotte's second birthday party. Charlotte loves buses, so Aunt Heather and Uncle Paul got her one! We all went on a bus ride and had a wonderful time.

Here are Eli and Grandmama enjoying a tour around Nashville on the birthday bus.

This fall I have enrolled the boys in a Mother's Morning Out program. So for four hours once a week, I actually have some uninterrupted time to clean the house. I was worried that the boys would have a hard time being left, but Eli was all, "Don't leave!! Don't leave!! Don't...hey, is that playdoh?" So everything turned out just fine, and now we all love Wednesday mornings.

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