Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Been a Little While...

Well, now that I've finally gotten a battery recharger for our camera, I don't have any more excuses--so I have to blog! A lot has been going on recently, so I will just have to catch everyone up...

The most recent major event was the boys' third birthday. It was very exciting--we had a party and everyone came: our friend Jesse, who also was celebrating his third birthday, and his sister Emily and parents and grandparents, Miss McIntosh, Mark and Merrill, Miss Carol, and Grandmama, Aunt Heather, Uncle Paul and Cousin Charlotte came all the way from Nashville! Here are the boys with their cousin Charlotte and friend Jesse snacking away at the cookout. It was tons of fun!

Here I am trying to show the boys how to blow out their candles. Jesse had no problem, but Sam and Eli preferred a method that had more spitting than blowing.

The boys got a lot of fabulous presents: an art easel, sports equipment, puzzles, trucks, 'hug-a-planets', and a ton of great books. Here Grandmama is reading a wonderful book called "A Birthday Cake is No Ordinary Cake" to the whole gang. (If Jesse looks like he is possessively clutching his guitar, it's because it was his birthday present and Sam spent most of the party trying to get it away from him.)

After our big day we all had a bath to get clean together. We had a really wonderful time and can't wait to visit again with our Nashville family!

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Jean Joiner said...

happy birthday to your boys! hope you guys are doing well. we're adjusting to life with two kids now...i'm even more impressed that you guys did it all at once!

miss you!