Tuesday, October 03, 2006

One Crazy Summer

Well, it has been a bit of a whirlwind summer for the boys, and as a result, I am once again very behind in my blogging. But I will try to catch you all up on the last few months...

It began with a short visit from our Uncle Paul (who, incidentally, just gave the boys--along with a little help from Aunt Heather--a new cousin, Charlotte Eaves! To meet Charlotte, please visit her here). We had a great time with Uncle Paul and are looking forward to seeing him next weekend on our trip to Nashville.

Before the summer really kicked in to high gear, the boys got nice, short haircuts for the hot weather.

Sam's haircut turned out a little shorter than originally planned, due to an unforseen sudden turning of the head. Our cute little Friar Sam...

Our summer travel kicked off in earnest when Nana and Mo came to visit and watch the boys for an extended weekend while Patrick and I went to Puerto Rico for Falcon's wedding. We had the greatest time hanging out with Brent and Ana and our friends Chimmy and Cassy from San Francisco. (I think that maybe we should make the trip an annual event...)

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